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Life-Coaching Hitchin Holistic Therapies

Covid Update – May 2021

Life-Coaching Hitchin Holistic Therapies

 We are running all services online and some services are available in Hitchin.

Coaching, Therapies, EFT, Healing, Reiki School and Finding the JOY program are all available.

Claire Humphries, Holistic Coach and Therapist in Hitchin, Hertfordshire and online I help women in their 40's who are feeling fed up, lacking direction and energy to heal their life, connect with their purpose and create a future of fulfilment, wellbeing and joy

Claire Humphries, Holistic Life-Coaching Hitchin Holistic Therapies Coaching Hitchin, Hertfordshire and online

works with you to create clarity, confidence and joy

I help women who are feeling fed up, lacking direction, motivation and energy, to heal their life, connect with their purpose and create a future of fulfilment, wellbeing and joy.

I help you to heal at every level; mind, body and spirit, to create holistic wellbeing that you can feel working in your life. So often we try to fix one area of our life, without addressing the others, but this never works. I'm guessing if you are here you have tried and failed and this is why.  

We cannot make changes to our body without engaging our mindset and inner resources, nor can we feel energised and motivated without giving our body what it needs to function nor find our true path without tuning into our inner guidance and creating healthy habits to support us.

I have a wide range of holistic coaching and therapy tools and techniques all of which can help you to transform and I use those intuitively and by checking in with you, helping you to connect to your inner wisdom, trust and confidence so you feel empowered to make good decisions for your highest good. 

Some of the holistic coaching therapy tools I use include Parts Work, Voice Dialogue, Shadow Parts, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Massage, Posture work, Relaxation, Mindfulness, Meditation, Visualisation, Reiki energy healing, Conscious creation, Detoxing and more.

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Life-Coaching Hitchin Holistic Therapies Holistic Coach & Holistic Therapist, talking therapies, massage and Reiki  (& Reiki & Spiritual School) helping women in Hertfordshire in Hitchin, Letchworth Garden City, Stevenage, Hertford, Welwyn Garden City, Knebworth, St Albans, Harpenden in Hertfordshire as well as London and Cambridge to live a life of joy, energy and purpose.

I can also offer holistic coaching online or via telephone.


Learn to connect to your inner wisdom and purpose by healing your pain, releasing your blocks to create flow, passion and purpose


Clear away sluggish energy patterns and limiting beliefs that keep you from creating the life you deserve. Detox your life and find your sparkle


Reconnect to your heart and soul,  fill yourself up with what you truly need to create better relationships and deeper connection.

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