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We offer a safe place for you to explore where you are at, to find the clarity and confidence to address the issues that stop you from progressing in your life.

Working with a therapist / coach enables to you understand yourself better so that you can find your place in the world and be able to express yourself authentically and confidently.  Doing this work will help you to build your self-esteem, compassion (both for yourself and others), and help you grow, adapt and open to life.

You will feel

  • more able to be yourself
  • more confident
  • more relaxed
  • less angry and frustrated
  • able to see and take opportunities
  • feel more powerful
  • more in control of your own life
  • find it easier to connect with others
  • happier in yourself
  • less anxious
  • more able to make conscious, healthy choices
  • more able to deal with challenges that life brings
  • like you don’t need to pretend and wear a mask
  • better at making decisions
  • feel more secure in your relationships
  • more motivated to set and achieve your goals.

The first step is a willingness to be curious and a desire for a better way, the second, is reaching out and asking.

So start that journey today, trust yourself and get in touch now.

“You are, whether you realise it or not, searching for wholeness. This is why only a holistic approach works; you cannot fix the problem that the mind created with the mind, nor the disease solely with the body and you cannot find inner peace without engaging the spirit”.
Claire Humphries

Talking Therapy

You will find a safe and confidential space to be heard where you can explore who you really are and start the journey to resolving the issues that have been causing sabotage, upset, anxiety and/or painful patterns of behaviours.


A life-coach can help us to identify and reach our goals, helping you with clarity and focus whilst showing you how to reconnect with your own resources and confidence so that you can create the life you desire.

Therapy Tools

Get clear on what is causing you to feel stuck or in pain right now, whether emotionally, psychologically, physically or spiritually, with our expert recommendations to resolve them by using the best holistic tools to suit you.

Claire Humphries

Through my own journey over the past twenty or so years searching for answers I have learnt so much and discovered many amazing tools.

Perhaps you have tried many things also, trying to figure out what’s wrong or missing; books, courses, specialists – whether medical,  scientific, alternative or spiritual and yet you haven’t found the answer.

You still feel stuck and have no idea what you really need and what to do next. That is where I can help because I can tell you exactly what you need and how to get there. That’s the easy bit.

In our very first session I promise to give you the clarity you seek and the path to get there. So now it’s over to you…are you willing?

I’d Love to Help

I Have Experience With…

Overwhelm and Procrastination

A sense of overwhelm can cause us to feel we simply cannot cope with life. Overwhelm can appear in many ways, through physical ailments or sickness, shutting down, anger, inability to sleep or relax, trauma, anxiety or other behaviours like procrastination. 

Working with a skilled therapist / coach we can start to understand the mechanisms of the body and mind and how these symptoms appear, we can explore our coping patterns and adapt or create new ones. 


Humans are not designed to exist in isolation but for many of us relationships are a mine field of pain and confusion and so we have learnt to avoid or self-sabotage, telling ourselves that relationships aren’t for us, we can never be happy, we don’t deserve love, we don’t know how to do it, repeating the same painful patterns over and over again. We start to believe that maybe it’s not safe to love or trust and that we will never find real love.

Working with a skilled therapist / coach you can start to identify and understand these patterns and start to change them, learning to trust and finding a new way to engage with other, coming to know that you are worthy, able to love and be loved and that you do deserve, and can create, a loving and fulfilling relationship.

Self-Esteem / Self-worth

As we go through life, we create meaning about everything that we experience, this is entirely normal and ensures we can survive and hopefully thrive in the world but sometimes we can make meanings that lead to damaging and painful beliefs about ourselves. These affect our behaviours which we usually are unaware of, but we are often ony too aware of the sabotaging and unpleasant experiences and feelings that we have over and over in our life.

We are all aware of the critical inner voice that runs through our mind with a constant stream of negative thought, reminding us  how useless or unworthy we are, ruining our self-worth and confidence. What we tend not to be aware of is that we can change that voice and we can create better beliefs that can support us through life so that we can create the life we want to live. 

By working with a therapist / coach we can start to understand what is actually happening in our head and how we can create healthier and more empowering beliefs and behaviours to support us and create healthy and nurturing self-esteem. 

Lack of Motivation

Struggling with motivation is something that most of us experience at times, but there is a cause and reason for this and by working with a skilled therapist / coach, we can come to understand why it is happening and how we can find motivation to live a joyful and purposeful life.


For many of us confidence can be difficult to navigate. We can struggle to feel confident in one or many areas of our life from public speaking to relationships to being leaving our home and engage with the world.

Working with a skilled therapist / coach we can rediscover our natural confidence and unpeel the layers of limiting beliefs so that we can feel safe, trusting and deserving of a wonderful life, a life of confidence and joy.   

Anger and Frustration

How many of us learnt to express and deal with our anger in healthy ways? Not many as we see so often in the world where anger is repressed and turned in on ourselves to create depression or physical illness or expressed unhealthily harming the self, others or property. Around a third of people have been concerned about their own or a close friend or family members’ anger and yet only 13% have sought help. 

Working with a skilled therapist allows us to explore what anger is, what is causing it and how we can learn to express it healthily and learn ways to deal with feelings in a way that feels safe and calm. For some clients it’s resulted in them feeling anger and frustration much less frequently, able to choose whether or not to react to situations which before would have sent them straight into anger mode. 

The Inner Critic

The inner critic refers to the voice that we hear inside criticising us and telling us how worthless/useless/ugly etc we are. We often are unaware that this is a part of us, we think the critic IS us which creates conflict and upset resulting in addictive and other behaviours, and perhaps even suicide. 

Working with a skilled therapist can help us to identify and even befriend the inner critic, changing it from our harshest and most destructive critic to a valuable ally and friend. 

Shadow Parts

The shadow parts of us are the parts that we are ashamed of inside us, we try everything we can to suppress, ignore and hide them but they sneak out causing sabotage, confusion, frustration and pain in our lives.

Working with a skilled therapist / coach you can start to identify and work with the shadows and integrate and heal these wounded parts of us which, without our awareness, are often running (and ruining) our lives. 


Helping you to live a happier, healthier life of joy and confidence.

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