Claire Humphries, Holistic Coach and Therapist in Hitchin, Hertfordshire and online

How can I help you? 

I help women in their 40’s and 50’s who are feeling fed up, lacking direction and energy to heal their life, connect with their purpose and create a future of fulfilment, wellbeing and joy.

I really want to help you to create the positive change that you want to achieve in your life and I want to show you how to do it holistically, engaging mind, body and spirit. When we don’t do this we fail because we are multi-dimensional being who exist in the physical and spiritual plane and so change must involve us joining mindset, inner and body wisdoms to reach our full potential.

I know it can seem daunting to venture into the unknown but I can promise you that where you are right now is much more uncomfortable than where you will be and I will be right beside you supporting you every step of the way.

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 I will help you to identify in our first session:

* what you would like to achieve

* what is holding you back

* how we can connect you to your purpose

* ways to increase your energy and vitality

* opportunities and choices you can’t see

* what is stopping you from real connection


How working with me has transformed my clients lives….

Just writing to say thanks again after our session on Tuesday. My head was in a mess when I walked in – I was all over the place feeling extremely frustrated and overwhelmed. I was also resistant to trying anything as I didn’t believe anything would work. 

When you suggested a meditation to start off, I thought here we go, what good is this going to do? Quite surprisingly it completely shifted how I felt and what I saw within.

Then we moved onto the Parts Work; I couldn’t believe how different I felt in myself since. 

This has had a massive impact and I am so grateful. 

LK, Hertford


Claire is seriously awesome, she has helped me so much. I notice improvements within myself and recognise when victim behaviours come out. My confidence has improved and I am able to relate to people and have better relationships. People close to me have noticed too.

When I found out I was pregnant, panic and anxiety took over, Claire has helped me gain a better perspective. I’m more self-aware and able to put things in perspective, not needing constant reassurance and I’m more trusting of myself.

Claire is really approachable and easy to trust.  I really have benefited from every session that I have had with her.

KB, Cambridge


Claire could well have saved my relationship with my brother. It was on the point of serious deterioration but thanks to her work with me, I was able to speak to him from a place of love rather than of anger.

 We used EFT and other techniques and I tapped a lot of the hurt, anger and pain out of me, then through visualisation I was able to move forward towards loving thoughts towards him which I couldn’t imagine doing before.

Bridges were built and healing began. I am relieved, happy, and I love my brother very much.

FW, Hitchin


What I can help you with….


Open your mind to explore your inner world and upgrade the beliefs that keep you trapped and blocked from finding and living your true purpose. By becoming aware and releasing your unhelpful beliefs, you can create a clearer mind of flow, passion and purpose to identify and reach your goals.


Clear away sluggish energy patterns and the energetic residues of past pain and unhealthful habits and learn to trust and love your body. Release the stress and tension that builds up and learn to find resilience, relaxation and strength to support you in creating the life you deserve. 


Learn to connect to your inner wisdom by healing your pain, releasing your blocks to create flow, passion and purpose in your life. Open up to trust, love and connection to fill yourself up with what you truly need to create the fulfillment and inner connection that you seek.

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