It seems we are experiencing a global epidemic – of fear – as the increasingly alarming media reports of Coronavirus circulate. As the virus spreads, we are hearing how we can reduce our risk of exposure, which of course is important, but not much about how we can boost our immunity so that if we do get exposed to the virus and get sick – our body can fight back. Read on to find out how best to Boost Your Immune System Right Now.

So what can we do to protect ourselves and our loved ones to ensure that we stay healthy and strong, not just through this scare but for our future? And what of the effect of the fear we are experiencing from the constant media frenzy? Ironically stress can weaken our immune system and in the long term can cause excess inflammation, a key factor scientists now believe, in creating disease. You need to find ways to boost your immune system and we’d like to help.

As you might expect from Inspire Aspire, we take a more holistic approach to wellbeing than the usual, one that involves looking at what we can do to support our entire system from a physical, mental and emotional point of view.

Firstly it is important to stop and consider what we can actually do, rather than letting ourselves feel powerless and full of fear so that we can take the action needed to support ourselves. With Coronavirus continuing to spread, it’s more important than ever to support and boost our immune system as well as our emotional and mental wellbeing.

Here are 6 essential ways to boost your immunity:

Reduce Stress as much as possible to boost your immunity

When you’re stressed your body produces stress hormones which cause parts of the body to shut down and in the longer term, weaken our immune system. Therefore one of the most important ways you can boost your immunity is to reduce stress in your life. Think about ways that you can manage stress; perhaps using breathing techniques, yoga, Reiki, being more conscious of what you watch on TV, spending time in nature, walking, spending time with people you like or pets. Make sure you take regular breaks while you work, reducing the physical and mental stress of sitting in one position and concentrating for long periods and maybe speak to a holistic coach or therapist for more advice on managing stress better or come and learn or receive Reiki with us, which studies show boosts immunity *.

Get More Nutrients Into Your Body

To boost your immune system, there are certain foods that you can take which will help. Find ways to take as many of the following as possible for their immune boosting properties: citrus fruits, garlic, red peppers, broccoli, ginger, almonds, green tea, chicken, turmeric, sunflower seeds and spinach. It can also be helpful to supplement with key vitamins and minerals that may have become depleted like Vitamins C, B, D, and Zinc.

I recommend a specific Immune Formula such as this by Lifeplus, which is natural, high quality and designed by an immunologist for immune support for all. It’s what I take everyday. And of course dark chocolate – rich in cocoa, which has been shown to boost immunity and help with sleep in a recent study**. Happy days!

Reduce Inflammation In Your Body

Your immune system creates inflammation to fight disease but too much inflammation over the long-term can cause DNA damage and lead to diseases such as cancer***. Certain foods are known to be more inflammatory and so eating less of these and eating foods that reduce inflammation can help reduce your risk of disease and promote good health which supports your immunity.

Sugar, processed meat, vegetable oils and alcohol tend to be inflammatory and cause stress to the immune system. That’s why it can be really helpful to remove these foods, and of course by eating foods that promote good health (often referred to as alkaline) such as vegetables, fruits and drinking lots of water, these can help you lose weight and even help lower your risk of disease.

Switching off and Sleeping Boosts Your Immune System

So many of us are running on empty, unaware of our most basic needs, trained from childhood to override and ignore them. We live in a state of constant exhaustion, working late, watching TV into the small hours, playing on our phones and staying in constant connection with the outside world.

We drink too much coffee and take too much sugar to force ourselves to feel more energised and awake on demand but this causes further stress to our body and affects our immunity.

Sleep and time out is essential in supporting our immune system. Become aware of when you are tired and actually go to bed. Avoid or at least reduce caffeine and sugar. Keep devices out of the bedroom and off for at least an hour before bed. Just let yourself do nothing sometimes and disconnect from the world. Your mental, physical and emotional health needs this.

Move Your Body for a Joyful Boost To Your Immune System!

Exercise is essential in boosting our immunity and overall health. Our lymph system fights infection by transporting white cells though the body and it needs exercise – 20 minutes a day – to get the lymph to drain away toxins and waste. This doesn’t have to involve masses of time, effort and expense; just going for a walk with a friend instead of a coffee or doing the housework will do, even sitting watching TV but pumping your arms and legs counts – so there’s no excuse!

It’s good to do exercise that we enjoy and isn’t too stressful for the body so find something you love as exercise can have benefits for our mental and emotional health. 50 minutes of uplifting dance music can raise our antibodies and dancing decreases levels of stress hormone and replaces them with happy ones!

What are you waiting for? Get the music on and get dancing around the living room….

See Yourself Healthy to Boost Your Immune System!

We live in a time where the mind is king but mind just looks for stuff to worry about, trying to keep us alive but actually stressing us out.

When you are stressed and aren’t sure what to do, it’s good to know that if you relax that there are parts of you that do. This fills me with reassurance as I know I can simply relax and let those parts take over. This does seem counter-intuitive and can be a challenge but research has shown this to be a valuable and empowering practice. High performers like top athletes and business leaders spend time going within and consciously relaxing, visualising the outcome they want to see like winning that race or making the deal or connection. You can do it too! Take time each day to relax and see yourself as healthy and vibrant, see yourself relaxed, enjoying life with your family and friends with everyone having fun and keep tuning in and focusing on this reality.

So these are my best tips, I hope you enjoyed them. Please do share this post with your friends and family and let me know which ones worked best. Do share your own best tips below as I’d love to hear from you so that I share the best ones with our community so we can all thrive.

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The 6 Most Important Things To Boost Your Immune System Right Now

by Claire Humphries time to read: 6 min