Reiki Two Courses in Hitchin

  • Have you done Reiki One and are wanting to progress?
  • Perhaps you have unanswered questions about Reiki and how it works?
  • Would you like to understand yourself better and learn more about spirituality and energy?
  • Would you like to deepen your experience of Reiki?
  • Would you like to learn how to heal yourself, pets or others?
  • Have you done some Reiki but haven’t practised or felt confident trying it on others?
  • Would you like to be able to heal people remotely?
  • Perhaps you’d like a new add-on, career or sideline?

About Reiki Two (Second Degree Reiki/Reiki Level 2)

Reiki Two follows on after Reiki One, deepening your Reiki journey and adding skills to what you have learnt in, and since, Reiki One. Reiki One for many people opens a door into a spiritual journey that may have completely changed your whole life. Often it brings many questions and a desire for more. Our Reiki Two course is where you will learn more, deepen your practice, confidence and skills and have your questions answered.

On our Reiki Two course in Hitchin over two days, you will deepen the connection with your ability to use and experience healing energy in a natural way that you can use to enhance every area of your life. Reiki Two will introduce you to new ways of using Reiki to empower and heal your life, and if you choose, of others too.

In Reiki Two you will learn about:

* Reiki symbols and how they work
* Using the power of focus
* Using energy in your daily life
* Absent healing and how it works
* Creating your life experience with energy

You will experience:
* Distant Reiki treatments
* Giving a distant Reiki treatment
* Reiki attunements
* Creating your Reiki symbols

There will be time for
* All of your questions
* Lots of practice

You will leave with:
* Questions answered and more to learn
* A Reiki manual containing all you reed to know
* Your Reiki Two certificate
* The confidence to heal yourself and others and use the symbols
* An invitation to our spiritual community
* Information for further development & progression
* 2 FREE passes for our monthly Reiki Support & Share

Important information:
* You must have done Reiki One in order to do Reiki Two, it does not have to have been with us.
* Your Reiki course will take place in Hitchin. The venue is up one flight of stairs. If this is an issue please contact us before booking.

Meet Your Teachers

David Marshall

Claire Humphries

Since the age of three David has had spiritual experiences that inspired him to explore the deeper nature of this world. He started one of the UK’s first Reiki healing schools, in Hitchin, in 1997, has written three books and is regarded as an inspiring teacher internationally, making the latest spiritual teachings practical and accessible to anyone with an open mind.

Claire specialises in helping women to transform themselves and their lives and is known for her empowering work with the sacred feminine.  Approachable, open-minded and passionate Claire has always been fascinated with learning how to tap into our natural powers of wellbeing, increased joy and purpose to help women reach their full potential and find fulfilment.  

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Start your Reiki journey here…

We are passionate about healing and sharing the gift of Reiki energy healing with the world at Reiki Hitchin.

Reiki is a beautiful and enriching experience which will enhance your wellbeing and spiritual, self-development journey.

Not just for you, but for those, if you choose, that you share it with. This could be people, animals, situations – there is no limit to what you can use Reiki for!

This life-enhancing practice is suitable for everyone at any age or ability, it requires no study or learning, nor religious or spiritual beliefs and carries no risks or side-effects.

Reiki is an excellent addition to your life whether you are at the beginning of your healing or spiritual journey or would consider yourself an experienced seeker or are looking for an additional “therapy” to add to your therapy business.

Wherever you are on your journey with Reiki we would be honoured to guide, teach and support you.

Everything you need is right here.

Reiki Support & Share

Join us and like-minded souls in Hitchin to practice and talk Reiki, increase your confidence and understanding, under the supportive guidance of one of the UK’s first Reiki teachers on an informal and friendly basis. Whether you have learnt with us or not, are beginner or advanced, you will be warmly welcomed. 

Learn Reiki 1 & Reiki 2

Come and learn Reiki energy healing in Hitchin in a small, friendly and informal setting  with Hitchin’s first Reiki teacher. Suitable for everyone of all ages and abilities, Reiki is something everyone can do naturally and easily on yourself as well as friends, family, pets and if you desire, to clients, as a Reiki practitioner. 

Reiki Master/Teacher

It is only natural to wish to develop our experience of Reiki and of our spiritual nature. The next step is to become a Reiki Master, and for some the desire to teach and share the gift of Reiki, by becoming a Reiki Teacher or Practitioner to spread this incredible healing tool to others and take your Reiki in a new direction.


What people say about working with us

I really enjoyed the session even though in all honesty I approached it with a healthy dose of scepticism. However I am glad I tried it as I have been won over. The next morning after the session I can’t ever remember feeling so good. I’d never had so much energy. Thank you so much for the chance to meet you and have a gentle, fun intro to your work.

MH, Stevenage

I found Claire to be so professional and caring. She talked me through every step of the process and allows space to talk through anything that comes up so I feel safe and supported. I felt totally at ease and able to relax, without any qualms. She certainly has healing hands and I would recommend her to everyone.  


Caroline Plumb

David taught me Reiki and I have seen him give many talks on spirituality and attended courses and workshops he has given. He is a great teacher, one of the few people that will give a real answer and isn’t afraid to tell you if you are mistaken but always with fun and kindness. David is the real deal. The only teacher I would ever go to for Reiki. 

CH, Hitchin

Therapist, coach, teacher Claire is passionate, caring and a lovely lady, always there to offer help, support and advice. I have had many treatments with her and can really recommend her for Mind, Body and Soul work. I went to the workshop she did with Dave and it was incredible. They are both lovely people and great, passionate, fun teachers.

Alison, Ware

Ready to Start Your Reiki Journey?

We recommend starting with our Reiki Support and Share evenings each month. This offers you the chance to meet us, ask questions and explore the options you can take with Reiki whether you want to learn for your own use, to be a practitioner or teacher, this is the perfect starting place. 

A warm and friendly informal environment is the best place to begin with a well-respected and experienced teacher. So come along, ask questions and start your Reiki journey. We promise you won’t regret it.