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  • Would you like to develop your spiritual awareness?
  • Like to understand more about what true spirituality is?
  • Want to be more connected to your soul?
  • Would you like to experience your immortality?
  • Want to explore your consciousness?
  • Want to understand your life’s purpose?

Next Course Starting SUMMER 2021

Wednesdays 7.30 – 9.30pm (UK time)



6 consecutive weeks

About The Path to True Spiritual Awakening Online Course delivered LIVE ONLINE

Spiritual development is the path of every human. Whether consciously searching or not, we are all looking for meaning and trying to create a better life for ourselves, constantly trying to learn, do better and find happiness and understanding. 

In The Path to True Spiritual Awakening Online Live you will go on a journey to your true spiritual nature to explore, discover and understand on many levels, the reason why you are here and how the universe really works. 

Your teacher Dave Marshall has been on this journey since he was 3 years old when he started to have experiences outside of his physical body. This set him on an exploration to understand for the rest of his life and led to him becoming a full-time healer, author and spiritual teacher. 

Now you will learn the secrets of our reality, to move beyond our limited ideas into a new state of awareness able to access infinite possibilities.  We can transform our lives and move past the limited beliefs of our minds to move beyond what we believe is the physical world of science and expand our consciousness to transform our existence.

This is not just a course, it is a pathway into a deeper and more empowered version of yourself. You will have the the opportunity to explore your dreams, your beliefs and psychic senses to know who you are on a deep level, letting go of all that keeps you limited and stuck in the matrix…..

In The Path to True Spiritual Awakening Online Live you will learn about:

* Your spiritual journey and development
* Your souls true purpose
* Your immortal nature
* The nature of reality
* Going beyond the 5 senses
*Thoughts, beliefs, creativity and power

You will understand the truth about TIME & WELLBEING:
* Wellness, illness and how to stay healthy
* Time, Reincarnation, Karma and how they really work
* The power of the present moment, past, present and future
* Creating your own reality

You will understand how REALITY is created
* Your true self and your power to create
* How you can create your own reality
* How to take responsibility and empower your own life
* Your role in mass events

Working with DREAMS:
* Understanding your dreams
* Using your dreams to inform your experience.

You will leave with:

* Questions answered and more to learn
* An invitation to our spiritual community
* Information for further development & progression


Meet Your Teachers

David Marshall

Claire Humphries

Since the age of three David has had spiritual experiences that inspired him to explore the deeper nature of this world. He started one of the UK’s first Reiki healing schools, in Hitchin, in 1997, has written three books and is regarded as an inspiring teacher internationally, making the latest spiritual teachings practical and accessible to anyone with an open mind.

Claire specialises in helping women to transform themselves and their lives and is known for her empowering work with the sacred feminine.  Approachable, open-minded and passionate Claire has always been fascinated with learning how to tap into our natural powers of wellbeing, increased joy and purpose to help women reach their full potential and find fulfilment.  

  Why not look into Reiki as well? 

There are many reasons why people come to Reiki or Healing in life. At Inspire Aspire Reiki Hitchin we would love to support and guide you on your journey with healing with the gift of Reiki. This beautiful, natural treatment is available to all and is safe and powerful with no side effects. 

We offer a monthly Reiki Support and Share session for anyone who wants to know more about Reiki or practice Reiki/healing and meet like-minded souls in Hitchin, Hertfordshire. Whether you have trained with us or not or you have never done Reiki before and would like to learn or find out more, you will be warmly welcomed.

We also offer regular Reiki 1 courses in Hitchin and Reiki 2 courses in Hitchin in small, friendly and informal groups as well as Reiki Master, Reiki Practitioner and Reiki Teacher training in Hitchin as well as help and support in setting up and / or growing your Reiki business. 

If you are wanting a Reiki refresher in Hitchin we offer you the option to attend Reiki One at a special rate, whether you studied with us or not so get on touch to know more.

If you are a complete beginner we suggest you come along to Reiki Support and Share or if you are ready to learn to heal or want to become a Reiki practitioner then sign up for Reiki 1 Hitchin, the perfect start to your Reiki healing journey. 

Currently in lockdown 2020 we are offering courses online with the option to repeat in-peron at a small cost (doin

We are looking forward to meeting you and sharing this incredible gift with you, which we know will change your life the better,

Claire Humphries and David Marshall


Start your Reiki journey here…

We are passionate about healing and sharing the gift of Reiki energy healing with the world.

Reiki is a beautiful and enriching experience which will enhance your wellbeing and spiritual, self-development journey.

Not just for you, but for those, if you choose to do so, that you share it with. This could be people, animals, situations – there is no limit to what you can use Reiki for!

This life-enhancing practice is suitable for everyone at any age or ability, it requires no study or learning, nor religious or spiritual beliefs and carries no risks or side-effects.

Reiki is an incredible asset to your life whether you are at the beginning of your healing or spiritual journey, further down the spiritual or self-development path or are looking for additional “therapy” to add to your therapy business.

Wherever you are on your journey with Reiki we would be honoured to guide, teach and support you.

Everything you need is right here.

Reiki Support & Share

Join us and other like-minded souls to practice and talk Reiki in Hitchin, increase your confidence and understanding, under the supportive guidance of one of the UK’s first Reiki teachers on an informal and friendly basis. Whether you have learnt with us or not, are beginner or advanced, you will be warmly welcomed. 

Learn Reiki 1 & Reiki 2

Come and learn Reiki energy healing in Hitchin in a small, friendly and informal setting with Hitchin’s first Reiki teacher. Suitable for everyone of all ages and abilities, Reiki is natural and easy to do on yourself, friends, family, pets and if you desire, to clients, as a Reiki practitioner. Refresher rates welcome if you wish to repeat a level.

Reiki Master/Teacher

It is only natural to wish to develop our experience of Reiki and of our spiritual nature. The next step is to become a Reiki Master, and for some, the desire to teach and share the gift of Reiki by becoming a Reiki Teacher or Practitioner to spread this incredible healing tool to others and take your Reiki in a new direction.


What people say about working with us

I really enjoyed the session even though in all honesty I approached it with a healthy dose of scepticism. However I am glad I tried it as I have been won over. The next morning after the session I can’t ever remember feeling so good. I’d never had so much energy. Thank you so much for the chance to meet you and have a gentle, fun intro to your work.

MH, Stevenage

I found Claire to be so professional and caring. She talked me through every step of the process and allows space to talk through anything that comes up so I feel safe and supported. I felt totally at ease and able to relax, without any qualms. She certainly has healing hands and I would recommend her to everyone.  


Caroline Plumb

David taught me Reiki and I have seen him give many talks on spirituality and attended courses and workshops he has given. He is a great teacher, one of the few people that will give a real answer and isn’t afraid to tell you if you are mistaken but always with fun and kindness. David is the real deal. The only teacher I would ever go to for Reiki. 

CH, Hitchin

Therapist, coach, teacher Claire is passionate, caring and a lovely lady, always there to offer help, support and advice. I have had many treatments with her and can really recommend her for Mind, Body and Soul work. I went to the workshop she did with Dave and it was incredible. They are both lovely people and great, passionate, fun teachers.

Alison, Ware

Ready to Start Your Reiki Journey?

We recommend starting with our Reiki Support and Share evenings each month. This offers you the chance to meet us, ask questions and explore the options you can take with Reiki Hitchin whether you want to learn for your own use, to be a practitioner or teacher, this is the perfect starting place.

A warm and friendly informal environment is the best place to begin with a well-respected and experienced teacher. So come along, ask questions and start your Reiki journey. We promise you won’t regret it.