Are you ready for more? 

Come on a journey to reconnect with who you really are. Learn to listen to your heart and tap into your soul’s wisdom to find your true purpose.

  • Reconnect with your true purpose
  • Get a clear vision of your future 
  • Tap into your intuition
  • Take time out to go within
  • Experience deep relaxation
  • Learn to feel safe and trust yourself
  • Fire up your enthusiam to start your project
  • Go on a journey in a safe held space
  • Connect with like-minded souls

Imagine going on a journey within, reigniting your passion and truth to find your soul’s calling. You came here to do something and yet years go by and it just seems out of reach. Life takes over and we lose touch with our inner self and our dreams, perhaps judging them as childish fantasy or thinking “one day”.

Well, I’m here to tell you, it’s time. This is YOUR soul telling you, it’s time.

Two-Part Workshop

This workshop takes place online and is in 2 parts so that you can really go on a journey within to get to the heart and soul of your true desire. 

Part 1 is pre-recorded to watch before the main workshop which will take place on Zoom, a simple, safe, free software via your mobile, computer, tablet or telephone.

Once lockdown is over, it may be available in-person also.

It can also be run as a single session visionboard workshop for small groups for a birthday party, hen-do, get-together with your mates or team-building exercise suitable for all ages.


Next Workshop dates and times:

Part 1: Prerecorded for you to watch when convenient

Part 2: Sunday 27th September 11am-2pm (Live Zoom)

A workshop with a difference…..

Access the place where the mind is no longer in charge and the magic flows.

From this place of mystery we are utterly powerful and infinite with limitless connections and possibilities. 

Your guide on this journey will be Claire Humphries

holistic coach and therapist, healer and conscious creator 

Let Claire take you on a beautiful journey to the soul, releasing the tight bounds of the intellect, weaving the heart and mind together to allow something magical and unknown to come alive in you to reach your true purpose and potential. 

Fascinated by the ideas espoused in the Magical Approach and Law of Attraction, Claire has long been an explorer in the ways to access our deepest wisdom and connecting to our heart and soul through relaxation, inner journeying and learning to trust. 

Access the place where the mind is no longer in charge and the magic flows.

From this place of mystery we are utterly powerful and infinite with limitless connections and possibilities. 

Feedback From Our Last Workshop

Visionboard Workshop Online Testimonial

Gloria's Visionboard & Feedback

I recently joined this fantastic 2 day workshop organised by @findingthejoyclaire who led me and others in this phenomenal journey.

What I can say…? One thing is to have your thoughts gathering in your head… it’s another thing to put them onto paper for them to manifest.

I highly recommend Claire for this course and other things that she does. Get in touch if you feel the call for some of her courses, you would not be disappointed!

Visionboard Workshop Online Testimonial

Lem's Visionboard & Feedback

Thank you Claire, I had never done a visionboard before this. It’s one thing having it in your head but actually seeing it on paper, I can see myself doing all these things. I have more ideas flowing through, it’s been amazing and I loved the meditations, thank you so much.

Claire creates a safe space to expand and experience this journey from the perspective of facing your shadows in order to embrace and release them so you feel even more free to flow and create. It was amazing!

Online Visionboard Workshop Testimonial

Julie's Visionboard & Feedback

Thank you so much, I had my vision inside but its so good to get it out and see it. There is always an area you can improve in your life. This was very beautiful experience. Thank you Claire for sharing your magic.

I realise now how much I have let distractions and noise take over. It’s been a lovely time to get into creativity and get some clarity on what’s next. It’s been good to have 3 hours for myself and I enjoyed the variety of things we did. Thank you for creating and holding this space so beautifully.